Boyesen Power Reeds     $21.99 
Holeshot Clutch Springs         $19.99
Holeshot Clutch Spring Kit     $29.99
Mainjet 65         $4.99
Mainjet 67.5      $4.99
Mainjet 62.5      $4.99
Rev Plate     $54.99
Insert this plate under the cylinder,changing your port timing and raising your exhaust port and allowing full use of the port. Your bike will clean out dramatically better and rev quicker. The plate itself is laser cut from mild steel. Cylinder milling is required Instructions & gaskets included. Can be welded on for discreet mounting or simply stacked with the gaskets. Note will only work with the Yamaha cylinders no Chinese cylinders
Mainjet 72.5      $4.99
Mainjet 75         $4.99
FMF Fatty Pipe     $259.99
FMF Powercore Silencer      $169.99
50cc High Comp Head   $149.99
This is a modified oem head and will deliver up to 140 lbs of compression. Compare that to the stock 105-115 compression. The head is milled to our specs and the squish angle recut for optimum performance. This head runs very well on premium pump gas. Includes gasket.
High Compression Head 
Pilot Jet #50     $4.99
Offset Timing Key
 offset timing key      29.99
Flywheel puller     $18.99
Jet pack includes a 62.5, 65, 67.5, 72.5 and 75 mainjets as well as a 50 pilot jet
Mikuni Jetpak
Genuine Mikuni jets
Get optimum performance from you ignition. This timing key advances your spark 3.6 deg.
Premium fuel required. Flywheel puller required.
Add approximately 500 rpm! to your launch.Kit Includes springs, gasket and clutch circlip.
Holeshot clutch spring kit
Rev Plate
FMF Exhaust
peeweecycles own high performance Stator. Bolt this on for instant power across the whole rpm range. Premium fuel required. Not to be used with the offset timing key. Flywheel puller required.
High Performance Stator modified
OEM 2001-present  $169.99
required when installing timing key or stator
Reed gasket set  $6.49
Billet Aluminum Oil Injection Plug
Comes with hardware &
cap for carburetor    $34.99
a throttle cable without oil injection is available on our handlebar & controls page
Stainless steel engine bolt kit
PW50 engine bolt kit all years  $24.99

Aftermarket Minis Aluminum Oil Drain Bolt with Magnet will help catch metal particles in the lower end of your motor. Our drain bolt comes anodized in black or blue color.     $14.99
60cc High Comp Head   $149.99
Output Shaft Bearing Kit
Free up driveline drag. Our kit allows you to remove the stock bushing in the output shaft and replace it with a precision bearing.

The kit comes with everything needed to do the job.

    - Bearing
    - Spacer
    - New oem seal
    - Hub tool (works for output shaft as well as rearend)
    - Instructions

Gain all the advantage possible from driveline drag. This job is easy to do, no engine removal required and takes approximately 30 minutes to do!
 Output shaft shown after seal is removed
Included hub tool Note: This is a RH thread
Stock asm showing OEM bushing
peeweecycle asm with new bearing
Output Shaft Bearing Kit $89.99