RACER INFORMATION                    RULES
Perhaps the biggest concern I hear year after year from parents is the legality of our "Bar Risers" in stock AMA competion. Our bar risers are handlebar mounts. The rules state that you may alter your handlebar mounts.

This can be found in the 2019 AMA Motocross Rulebook in Chapter 1, section 1.2 under C General equipment standards paragraph 8a  located on page 22. The end of the sentence reads like this "handlebar mounts may be altered"

I would also like everyone to be aware that you may also run our billet aluminum upper triple plate found on our pitbike page. That is listed under the 2019 AMA motocross rulebook in chapter 1 section 1.2 under B Limited class equipment standards item 4. Under the list of limited class permitted items page 19. (Upper (top) Triple Clamp)
Bar risers/handlebar mounts